Different Sex Positions For Different Sexual Experiences

Different sex positions are designed to accomplish different types of sexual pleasure. Whether it is deeper penetration, successfully hitting the g-spot, or many other benefits of different positions, it is important to know your options.

It is the most common sex style that you cannot forget to do when making love. This style involves the man being on top of the woman, facing her. The best thing with this style is that it’s not complicated and both of you will have a lot of body contact. The legs and arms too have the freedom of moving while making love. The penetration too can be controlled by the man while the woman can support herself with the pillow for a deeper penetration so as to hit the g-spot.

Reverse cowgirl
This is where the girl gets on top but with her head facing away from his face, only letting him see her back. The woman can either decide to kneel or squat. She also can decide to keep her torso straight by either leaning backwards or forward. For the man, he can decide to keep his legs arched or straight. But the good thing is that her hands or fingers are free to rub the clit so that she can attain a maximum pleasure.

Doggie style
This is one of the mind blowing sex positions. The woman will have to be on her knees facing the other side, leaving the butts for the man to penetrate from behind. Sometimes, the lady can decide to lie down and place a pillow on her stomach for support. The man is the one to control the depth and has the freedom to use his arms to hold her hips or caress the butts and the back. The good thing with this position is that the g-spot will be reached easily. Also, the clit can be easily stimulated for maximum pleasure.

Woman on top
Another mind blowing style is when the woman lets the man lie flat on the bed and the woman gets on top of him. Here, it is the woman who is free to move and control the penetration. She is also at freedom to rub her clit as she is being thrusted.

Standing sex style
Though it seems to be a little bit complicated, it is definitely worth trying. The good thing with this style is that a deep penetration is guaranteed, and there are many angles for one to perform a clitoral stimulation

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